Yoshohiko Yoshida Workshops & Lectures

Japanese ceramic artist/potter Yoshihiko Yoshida will be visiting Oregon during the last 2 weeks of May 2011, and will be giving workshops and slideshows (+ 1 gallery show) at the following 2 venues. 1.   Clatsop Community College, Astoria (1653 Jerome Ave., Astoria, OR  97103) Ø  Gallery show at Art Center Gallery on CCC campus, MayContinue reading “Yoshohiko Yoshida Workshops & Lectures”

Photography: Thank God for Digital!

Some years ago my ceramics teacher at the time encouraged me to begin learning to photograph my work.  This was the early 2000s, and although it doesn’t feel all that long ago, digital cameras had not yet replaced 35mm, at least in the realm of art documentation.  So I drove into Portland to find theContinue reading “Photography: Thank God for Digital!”

Marketing Mondays

Today is Marketing Monday, episode two.  I’ve decided to stay home on Mondays, instead of commuting in to my studio, so that I can spend some QT marketing myself and my wares.  This will save me about $20-25 per month in gas, however, the idea is that the big dividends come from the fruits ofContinue reading “Marketing Mondays”

5th Annual Blossom Festival Pottery Sale

I’d like to invite you all to visit my first studio, located in the woods at the foot of Mt. Hood, outside Hood River, Oregon.  It’s time for my annual Blossom Festival Sale, in conjunction with the Hood River County Blossom Festival.  I typically use this sale to “clean out the closet,” and make roomContinue reading “5th Annual Blossom Festival Pottery Sale”

Fire, Food & Friends

Ah, wood fire!  How I love thee!  I am presently recovering from a 3+ day firing at Soulgama, Stephen Mickey’s anagama-style wood-fired kiln near Brush Prairie, Washington.  Wood firing is a unique and cherished experience for many potters.  It’s an opportunity for friends and colleagues to gather together and create a tiny community as weContinue reading “Fire, Food & Friends”