I am a porcelain addict and a consummate craftsman, a vessel maker and a pattern seeker. Systems-oriented and with the eye of a biologist, I hone in on quiet insignificance and the potential that builds with the unnoticed accumulation of relatively meaningless circumstances: chance, routine, habit. I seek the patterns within the minutia.

My introverted nature keeps bringing me back to making pots. I tend to prefer companionship over crowds, and cafes over karaoke bars. In turn, it also takes time to get to know me. Over the course of some days, weeks, or months I will slowly reveal my quirks, my full character. I’ll slowly let you in. In this way I am rather like a good pot. I am a jar with a heavy lid. But do not mistake introversion with shyness. Through pots, objects of intimacy, I reach out to people, one at a time, to share my wit and whimsy. Bold color, striking contrast, and graphic line command attention, while delicately detailed pattern and charming form infuse humor. As utilitarian wares, I also stimulate the haptic with multiple, contrasting textures: flat, raised, glossy, velvety. Once in the home, these pots hopefully inspire intimate connections, visually and kinesthetically grounding a moment, whether it be shared or in solitude.

Sarah Chenoweth Davis

January 2016


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