What Are the Chances? Success in the Arts in the 21st Century – Los Angeles Review of Books

What Are the Chances? Success in the Arts in the 21st Century – Los Angeles Review of Books I had to post this article, mostly so I know I will be able to find it again. It’s a long, dense read, but well worth it. I’m totally in the zone for this article, which IContinue reading “What Are the Chances? Success in the Arts in the 21st Century – Los Angeles Review of Books”

New Studio!! Come visit this Saturday!

I’ve got a new studio!!! Phew! I went for more than two months without a place to stretch out and get dirty, and I think that’s about my limit. Toward the end there I did pick up some watercolors, sumi ink, and pens for some 2D explorations from my desk at home. That was actuallyContinue reading “New Studio!! Come visit this Saturday!”

Sarah’s Summer Ceramics Sale

I’m headed out to Hood River this weekend, one of the most dramatically beautiful parts of this country, to set up shop for my 8th annual (although belated) studio sale. Usually held in April, I’m a little behind this year due to that pesky Master’s degree which took up so much of my time untilContinue reading “Sarah’s Summer Ceramics Sale”

Moving on to the Next Big Thing

Well, it’s all over folks…I’ve been through the wringer of grad school and have come out relatively unscathed. I, and 16 other fabulous makers/designers/artists/craftsmen/gluttons-for-punishment, graduated with our MFAs a couple of weeks ago. Just last night we wrapped up our Practicum exhibition, Mixed Messages, which, I must say, looked damn good (see images of my workContinue reading “Moving on to the Next Big Thing”

Creating Community Continues

I am so excited, once again, to pair up with The Cellar Door for Creating Community, this coming Friday, June 21 from 3:30-6:30 (here’s a map).  Bryan and Karen of The Cellar Door have become fast friends, as my husband and I have discovered the fascinating and wide, wide world of wine.  For all ofContinue reading “Creating Community Continues”

Forces of Nature: Gala Centerpieces

Recently we, the students of the Applied Craft + Design MFA program, were asked to design and produce centerpieces for the annual Gala fundraiser for the Pacific Northwest College of Art (my MFA program is a collaborative effort between PNCA and the Oregon College of Art and Craft).  The request came a month or soContinue reading “Forces of Nature: Gala Centerpieces”

7th Annual Blossom Fest Sale

In a couple of weeks I shall crawl out of the cave of graduate school for a couple of days and drink in the fresh woodsy air of the Hood River Valley.  Oh, and I’ll bring some pots along with me.  But really, it is time for my annual studio sale, where I clean outContinue reading “7th Annual Blossom Fest Sale”