Weekend of Work

Containers in Progress

My other half flew out yesterday for a 6 day conference in DC, so I found myself with an open weekend. With 4 wood-fires in the next 3 months (holy cow, what have I gotten myself into…4 wood fires?!), not to mention all of the work I’d like to do developing a cone 6 line of my black/white/red work, I figured the best way to spend the weekend is making pots. To be honest, it did sound kind of luxurious, two days of making pots without any other obligations. 48 hours of focusing on exactly what I want…nice.

So, I dropped my hubby off at the airport at 7 a.m. and went straight to the studio. Earlier this week I had thrown the bodies for about 10 or 12 goblets, and they needed bottoms/feet. I’m really excited about them, since it’s pretty much a new form. I also made them specifically for the Installation display at Ceramic Showcase 2011 (www.oregonpotters.org/ceramicshowcase). They’re turning out great, with lots of character and a bit of whimsy.

I also threw the bodies for some containers. They’re all-purpose pots, but I see them as utensil containers or vases.  Since yesterday was my 6th day in a row at the studio/work (i.e. commuting to Gresham and back), I took my leather-hard thrown pieces parts home to complete them.  My husband and I live in a small apartment, but I have a little space for hand-building and decorating pots.

Below, you will find the fruits of today’s labor.  I am quite fond of them, I must say.  I’m especially drawn to the two on the right, with their low-slung bellies and stubbier legs.

Containers in Progress
I threw the bodies yesterday, took them home and added slab bases and handles today. These are bound for one or more of four upcoming wood-fires.

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