Fire, Food & Friends

Ah, wood fire!  How I love thee!  I am presently recovering from a 3+ day firing at Soulgama, Stephen Mickey’s anagama-style wood-fired kiln near Brush Prairie, Washington.  Wood firing is a unique and cherished experience for many potters.  It’s an opportunity for friends and colleagues to gather together and create a tiny community as weContinue reading “Fire, Food & Friends”

Pleased to make your acquaintence

I am Sarah Chenoweth Davis, a potter living and working in Portland, Oregon.  I imagine this blog to be a document of my evolution as an artist, including ideas good and bad, inspirational influences, and my artistic biography.  I’ll post photos and write-ups on my process and firings, and I’ve been thinking about putting togetherContinue reading “Pleased to make your acquaintence”