I am a porcelain addict and a consummate craftsman, a vessel maker and a pattern seeker. Systems-oriented and with the eye of a biologist, I hone in on quiet insignificance and the potential that builds with the unnoticed accumulation of relatively meaningless circumstances: chance, routine, habit. I seek the patterns within the minutia.

My creative practice is rooted in an effort to explore, encourage, and facilitate intimacy, an elusive yet familiar state of being, craved by all, feared by many, yet necessary for a lush life. True intimacy is achieved through a hard-won connection, the result of openness, vulnerability, and trust. It is my hope that the objects I create and the experiences I facilitate pave the way for connectivity, thereby enhancing personal well-being, strengthening relationships, and building community.

I am a potter. However, I did not grow up using handmade pots, nor do I expect others to fill their cupboards with cups and plates and bowls individually made by identifiable artisans. I make hand-held works of art as an expression of personal value and a subversive tactic toward changing the fabric of our society. Seeking to combat convenience in favor of experience, my vessels and pots exist as foils to technological interconnectivity and encourage intimacy through sensuous and haptic experience – be here, now. My pots are the pop of color in the room, and draw you in with jaunty, charming form. One in the home, the setting for many of life’s most intimate moments, my values are revealed with use. Craftsmanship, refined details, and distinct textures intimate mindfulness, self-awareness, and intentionality. Playful patterns, lyrical lines, and curvaceous contours elicit careful exploration and moments of delight, detracting from stress and anxieties. All together, I design the work to ground the moment, visually and kinesthetically.

My current line of porcelain includes the usual suspects, designed for personal and communal use, along with a new series of containers inspired by Chinese snuff bottles, personal keepers of vice and indulgences. I draw inspiration for decorative motifs from objects close to the skin: fashion, textiles, home goods, and personal care and grooming products. ….such as my favorite pair of underthings, bed linens, handmade paper lamp shades, and tampon branding palettes.

Sarah Chenoweth Davis

July 2018


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